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iPowerWeb Host Review
(The following is an in-depth host review on the company iPowerWeb)
Company Description
Hosting over 200,000 web sites in the world, iPowerWeb is probably one of the largest web hosting providers today. They are evidently very efficient at dealing with customers given the vast number of new registrations they receive daily. Because the company was established in 1999, we can bet that they will still be around for years to come. They've shown that quantity hasn't surpassed quality. They're offering the same level of service they did back when their customer base was just under 1,000. Backed by a friendly support team, iPowerWeb continues to impress.
Hosting Costs
For $7.95 a month, iPowerWeb offers a generous 2000 MB of disk space, 50 GB of bandwidth, 500 POP3 e-mail accounts, PHP, MySQL, and more. If you pay for a full year's worth of hosting, registering a domain name for your personal or business web site is free for a year. A 30-day-money-back guarantee is also available with this host.
Customer Service
There are a number of different ways that customers can communicate with iPowerWeb, including e-mail, toll-free telephone support, and even live chat service through their web site. Response times with this company are generally above average. Another distinguishing factor about iPowerWeb's support is that they have a huge self-help section on their web site. Anything from initially getting your web site set-up to maintaining your site and adding databases can be found there. I would bet that most of the questions iPowerWeb receives via e-mail can be found in their self-help section.
Control Panel
Currently installed on iPowerWeb's servers is the vDeck control panel. The panel makes managing a web site easier, and offers tutorials, walk-thrus, and a help center on a variety of different topics. This panel is also great for the average beginner webmaster.
Data Center
iPowerWeb's data center is currently located in Santa Monica, Calif. From what we are aware, they use powerful SGI Origin 200 Servers. What's good about iPowerWeb is that they do not overload their servers with users -- they will not cram as many users as they can on a single server. This way all of the sites they host remain at optimal speed and are less susceptible to malicious attacks.
Closing Argument
iPowerWeb is a company that will probably still be around for years to come, given that they've been in business now for six solid years. Based on their simplified control panel, self-help features, walk-thrus and other tutorials, iPowerWeb is great for the beginner webmaster. This company has also shown to have excellent server uptime, which leaves no reason not to choose iPowerWeb for your hosting provider.
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